Lapidary Workshop

RAGMS members have access to our lapidary workshop where we take rough mineral specimens and work them with several kinds of equipment to create display pieces, sculptures and jewelry.


Open Monday – Saturday – 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and Wednesday evenings, 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Wednesday evenings we are not able to accept cash, so please bring checks only.

Rock Sawsbigsaw

We have over a dozen saws for rock cutting and shaping and they can be used by members for a modest fee. Each saw has a blade with diamond dust in it to grind through the stones. Our biggest saw has a 36 inch blade and is capable of cutting an 18 inch stone. Our smallest saw is for cutting small thin slabs of stone and its blade is only 6 inches.

For making jewelry, we start by cutting a large rock down into thin slabs. Then we take the slabs inside to the trim saws where we cut them down into smaller shapes such as ovals, hearts and crosses. After that we move on to the Genies where the stones are shaped and polished.


genie1Genies are grinding and polishing machines that allow you to turn your rock into jewelry like magic. A genie consists of an arbor with six grinding and polishing wheels; three on each side. The first wheel is an 80 grit grinding wheel used for rough shaping of the stone, followed by a 220 grit wheel for finer shaping. Each wheel after that is a finer grit than the one before it and the last wheel, wheel number six, is 14,000 grit for polishing.

Each set of three wheels has a tray filled with water beneath it, and small devices called geysers spray streams of water onto the wheel as you are working to keep the wheel and the stone cool. After finishing a stone on the last wheel, it goes to one of our buffing wheels for the final polish that gives it that wet look.

Mineral and Equipment Sales

We have a huge selection of mineral specimens for sale to the public and RAGMS members get discounts on certain materials. We literally have tons of rough rock available on our rock pile out back. Choose from petrified wood, agate, jasper, obsidian, quartz crystals, and many more. These minerals are also available as slabs on our slab table. We have hundreds of slabs ready to be cut down on the trim saws into shapes for all kinds of jewelry making.

We also have equipment and supply sales including rock saws, tumblers, saw oil and more. We can even sell your unused equipment on consignment. If we don’t have it we can order it for you and RAGMS members pay only ten percent over our cost.