What’s New

New LightingOur displays are undergoing some lighting upgrades. We are transitioning from the old fluorescent tubes to new LED strips and the change is pretty dramatic. The new lighting is much brighter and is able to bring out much more detail and color on our specimens. In addition, we are also changing the overhead lighting covers in the displays to further enhance the new LED strips. We’ve changed two displays at present and our plan is to upgrade 2-3 displays every month until the entire museum has been updated.

Mentzer Hall– The bathrooms in Mentzer Hall will soon be under construction as we will combine the two restrooms into one unisex bathroom with ADA upgrades. This may facilitate the closing of the hall for at least a week during the construction period. Check back to this page for dates on when the construction will commence.

On The Horizon– There are a few projects we have planned over the next year or two for renovation.

Carpets – The carpets throughout the museum are old and worn. We are looking to replace sections with new carpeting.

Plexi-glass Covers – Many of the floor displays need plexi-glass covers to protect against wear and damage.

Signs – We will soon be upgrading the signs both inside and out.