Len Eisenberg donated the pterosaur skeleton replica to the Crater Rock Museum. We appreciate your generosity.

Terry, as the skeleton has been nick-named, will delight all who visit our museum for years to come. Pterodactyls (Pterodactylus or Pteranodon) are the world’s most familiar pterosaurs, or flying reptiles. Terry is from the late Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

The most distinctive feature of the Pteranodon is its backward-pointing skull crest. It has been speculated that this crest was used as a mid-flight rudder, while others claim it is a sexually selected characteristic of the male, whose bigger crest made him more attractive to females. At any rate, the function of the crest remains a mystery to this day. The pterodactyl was a carnivore, and preyed upon fish and other small animals.

Stop by for a visit and meet him in person.

We also appreciate monetary donations to Crater Rock Museum. Your donation may be used in any of the following areas:

  • Outdoor Community Classroom completion.
  • Items for Kid’s Day projects.
  • Creating a traveling case in which to transport and display smaller specimens when presenting programs to the community (i.e. schools, retirement facilities, etc.)
  • Display case upgrades (i.e. new lighting and humidity controls)
  • Items for construction and upkeep of our display cases, such as wood for new displays, cloth coverings, and signage.
  • Acquiring new specimens for museum displays.

Thank you, again, for your support of Crater Rock Museum. We appreciate your generosity.